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Monday, March 30, 2009

Erama in the house!
We had a huge show this weekend at the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival.

For any women out there who perform, please check out the festival. It is a wonderful enterprise! They feature five different shows, with four different female, solo performers each. The shows were ALL amazing! There are also vendors, which is where we come in. We support the arts and the festival, so we decided to donate money to vend, and we donated items to the raffle.

So, once I made the decision to support, we started getting ready, and learned a lot in the process. I stepped my jewelry making game up, we bought a bunch of stuff for packing, and we packed everything up in little boxes. Some key things we should have had but didn't think about, a stapler, tape, an email list, custom order forms, things like that.
We arrived on Friday, set up our stuff, and we were ready to mingle and network. Our goals was to sell more than what we donated to the festival, we got so much more than that. We made some amazing friends, shout out to Barbara, Janette, Adilah, Toni, Laura, Tanya, Andrea, Gayle, Donny, Priscilla, and Joyce! You ladies are so wonderful!

I have several women wanting some style and stone therapy, (which I need to blog about in and of itself), and several custom orders. One special order was for a special dancer named Laura. She wanted something in coral and silver. She ordered on Friday, I shopped Saturday morning for coral, found some really cool pieces, and started putting it together during her performance. There was something magical about watching her perform and making her piece at the same time. I really felt her energy, and maybe that is why the piece turned out so perfectly for her!
I started putting it together and came up with a wire-wrapped flat slab of coral, chain linked with coral nuggets and coral coins. I made her one large, chain-linked piece, a smaller pendant, which she can add to a simple silver chain for a simpler look, and a pair of matching earrings. I was secretly hoping she would hate it so I could keep it for myself ;) No such luck! She bought the whole set!

Now, the raffle, or opportunity drawing :), is a reason in and of itself to attend. Tickets are 3 for $5, 8 for $10. The give-a-ways are amazing and included acupuncture light therapy, a $100 hand and foot treatment at a spa, wine, glasses, CD's, tickets to future performances, etc. I had my heart set on a trip to the Writer's Well in Georgia, an exclusive retreat for women writers. I need that sooooo bad!!! So I told Adilah Barnes, owner of the Writer's Well and board member and co-founder of the festival, that I was coming to Georgia! That trip was mine! And guess what, I WON!!!! I jumped up for joy. So after that trip, expect some amazing work from Erama. Clarity equals production! I am stoked! I also won a CD, a bottle of Chardonnay, and two wine glasses, Hayyyyyy!

Overall, the energy, the creativity, and the love was so great it was almost overwhelming. I cannot wait for next year! Writing this blog makes me wish I had hundreds of followers just so they can hear about the festival! Forward to anyone you know! It's truly a wonderful experience! Our display looked pretty cool and people loved the stuff! You know someone is especially pleased when they put it on as soon as they finish purchasing. I remember doing that as a child when ever I bought new shoes. I was walking into stuff because I couldn't take my eyes off of my new shoes every step I took. Now, I am reminded of the joy when I create that same feeling for others. Check out these two very happy customers!

I will be sure to let everyone know about the next show well in advance!

Until next time,

Amber & The Erama Team (aka, my husband too)
Blogger Bohemian Gal said...
Sound like so much fun! Can't wait to get info on the next event.