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Monday, December 8, 2008
Hair Ties

I am finally completely unpacked and enjoying my house so much that I got out the hair tie equiptment and went to work! I have a new ETSY and new hairties, and everyday we are posting more hair ties! I really branched out this time and found things to suit all tastes versus just mine! So, check them out
They make great gifts, especially for yourself! Happy Shopping!!!
Blogger new2locs said...
Welcome back! Glad to see that you're all unpacked & enjoying your new home! I've been checking the old Etsy site so I'll be checking your site out tonight! Please do me a favor & stop by my loctician's site! She makes jewelry & it's really nice. Her site is Once again glad to see you're back!

Blogger euphoria said...
hey, I am glad your all moved in, and I am enjoying my hair ties as we speak I am counting my coins to place a another order, cause I got my eye on 2 of them.

Blogger Amber Jaye said...
New2locs, Shea's stsuff is really beautiful! I am definitely going to contact her and see if she wants to do a trade.

Euphoria, I sent your 2 new pieces today, i sent you a message with a pair of earrings that match the wooden hair tie too. Glad you are diggin the ties!

Blogger The Real Nique said...
I just checked these hair ties out on the site. These ties are very nice! The are really stylish. I can't wait until my hair grows out. Can you post more pictures of different styles to wear them with?