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Friday, December 12, 2008
Good Writer or Catchy Writer?
What classifies someone as a good writer? Is it substance or catchiness? Is it content or delivery? This is an age old debate between ancient philosophers and sophists. The sophists taught delivery was more important. The philosophers taught that content and invention in the rhetoric was more important. I want to hear from the people. What is more important? Content or delivery?

Case Study: Is T-Pain the best hook writer alive? Or is he the catchiest hook writer alive? if you believe he is the catchiest hook writer alive, then tell me who you think makes a great hook writer and why. IF you beleive he is the best, then tell me why.
Blogger euphoria said...
I like T-Pain I like him even more on someone else's track, I view him like I viewed Mystical I did'nt like any of Mysticals solo albums but he slammed it on someone elses tracks. I like
T-Pain not for his musical talents but for his creativity

Blogger euphoria said...
Oh Thanks for my new ties as soon as I find time I will send you pics of me in all of them

Blogger Amber Jaye said...
thanks Euphoria!

I'm not following you because you followed me, I'm following you because this article caught my eye and I want to read more like it.

Blogger Amber Jaye said...
hehehe, thanks Kacey!