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Monday, November 3, 2008
So, I have a confession to make. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful feedback, but I have no idea how to respond directly to questions, etc. I feel like such a jerk, like the whole world is watching me read the wonderful comments and lift my chin in snooty pomposity to walk away because I am too good to respond.

NOOOOOO! That is not the case. I just don't get it. Can anyone help? I promise to respond with many thanks! :)

And to answer some quetions, I went to a salon to have my hair colored, so I have no idea what she did. I just asked for a dark red. It is a random orange fru fru mess right now. I am long over do for a touch up! Going as soon as the boxes are lifted. Speaking of boxes, I would love to climb up from under them and respond to my tag, but I don't know do

Anywho, I am here, and wanting to engage the people. Just give me a minute and a spark of advice for good luck!
Blogger new2locs said...
Hi Amber,
When you want to leave a comment to respond just go to the comment box under your post. I find that usually people come back again & read to see if you responded. As far as being tagged I know I did it to you, I had no clue either so basically I copied & pasted and changed what I wanted to change.
Good luck getting from up under those boxes!

Blogger Amber Jaye said...
Thanks new2locs! I got it. And I am back. Only two boxes left, but I need some book shelves before I can unpack those so I have an excuse :)