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Monday, October 6, 2008
Welcome to Me!
So, I am welcoming myself to blogspot! Introduction: I am a partner, mother, friend, professor, and mentor. I encourage living life to the fullest, loving yourself, and learning as much as you can. My brain never turns off, it just keeps swimming, swimming, swimming! I make jewelry, I paint, I dance, I write poetry, I am a photographer. I love love love board games, dominoes, and LAUGHING OUT LOUD! I am fun... or at least I think I am fun :) Come on over and be my friend! Meet me in the halls of LMU, on the dance floor, or in a lecture. I will be there when the time is right.


I occasionally sell paintings, photographs. I always sell jewelry and hair ties. I have an etsy page,

I write about poop and children a lot. That is what happens when you have two sons.

Now down to the chow!

Design Your Life is a concept I came up with when I was about 9. A business endeavor of sorts, sort of. A space where people could come and literally draw their lives and we help them learn how to live that drawing out to the fullest. Well, I never lost that idea between becoming a professor, mom, adult, etc. It lingered in the back of my head, happily taking a sub par role to all of my other endeavors, until now. IT IS BACK! I have been gifted with insights regarding visualization, the secret, science of mind, SUCCESS, life of acheivement, etc. I now know that deisgned living is more than just designing, it is believing and knowing. My husband and I have started this business and we are taking on the role of life coach, showing people the power in visualization and being one with the universe. So, if you want to talk, let's talk!

Blogger Chelle27 said...
Welcome you are off to a good start so far!! I will definitely be buying some hair things from you once I gain some length(I am 1 week in so far), I have bookmarked your page so please keep us posted.

Blogger Amber Jaye said...
well thanks for bookmarking and stopping by!!! enjoy your hair! i never had it short before now, I went from long hair to long locks. but now that I am short, I love it!

Blogger TwoIslandsGirl said...
Hi there. I love the red hair color. Did you have to lift your natural color first to get the red? I've been wanting to color my hair for some time now, but I can't decide on a shade :-)

Welcome, I love your blog. I love my hair also. Stay in touch.