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Monday, October 6, 2008
So that hairstyle I flaunt is called Sisterlocks. I get asked about my hair a lot. What is it? is it permanent? Can I wash it? What color is that? How do you get them? I get asked all types of questions. Here is a bunch if FAQ about sisterlocks and why I love them.

Sisterlocks is a technique of locking the hair with a natural tool. The hair is literally tied into itself, much like braiding backwards from the tips to the roots. It can be done on all types of hair (permed, color treated, etc), but works best with kinky and curly hair.

I had sisterlocks for over 6 years. When I got pregnant, I cut them off and started over. I wanted a fresh start. The slideshow depicts my hair changes from sisterlocks the first time around, to short hair, to sisterlocks again, to red sisterlocks.

I absolutely love my hair! Wouldn't change it for the world again! I welcome any questions you may have!

In the meantime, if you have sisterlocks, or thick hair, or curly hair that is difficult to fit into standard hair ties, I have a solution! ERAMA Hair Ties!

I am on etsy at
I am also on facebook, myspace, and will be on ebay shortly!
Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments, suggestions, whatever!
Blogger Naturally Free said...
Welcome into the sister lock blog, your hair is beautiful for the second time around as it was the first! When I get out of the military i'm going to have a fire red color as well!

Blogger new2locs said...
Hi Amber, I didn't quite see how to order your items. I would love a hair tie. Just hit me back & let me know how I can order from you. By the way your locks are tha bomb!

Blogger Angel Locs said...
Hi Amber,

I am a newbie to the SL journey, your SL's were absolutely lovely
1st & 2nd time around. I just told my SL consultant who is also a cosmetologist in 6 mix months I want my hair red, I had your color 7 yrs ago when I wore comb twist I loved it.

Checked out your pics looks like you enjoy life and your kids a picture perfect cutie pies.

Blogger Ezme said...
Love the lock 1sr and 2nd time aound. Simply Beautiful

Stay BLessed

Blogger Kittylocks said...
Thanks for your comment. Your hair is beautiful, I cant imagine that I would have the courage to cut it all off and to start again. Well done second time around. Love the colour, I am going do mine tomorrow for the first time. I think I will go to a lighter shade of brown for now. I am going to look at how to order your hair ties, they are wonderful.

Blogger Francisco said...
Genial, Saludos desde Chile

Blogger The Real Nique said...
You red head is toooooo cute! I wish I was more confident in picking a color for me. I love your hair! That color is on point.